Documentation Paywall Network

Dokknet is a paywall-as-a-service for open source documentation sites. It provides central authentication, subscription management and payouts. Dokknet makes it easy for open source developers to derive a regular income from their work and makes it easy for companies to pay for their work.

How it works

New users don't notice the paywall, but if they return daily, they will be asked to sign up for a monthly subscription after a trial. Individual users pay a variable price with the option to pay $0 and teams pay a fixed price per seat. Think of the paywall as a convenience tax instead of a "wall". Read more about why a paywall is a good idea in A New Open Source Business Model.


Integrating the paywall on your site involves installing a plugin for your documentation framework and adding a middleware for your hosting solution. There is a kill switch in the middleware, so you can disable the paywall any time. Check out the example integration or read more about the technical details in the paywall design.


Dokknet charges 3% of subscription revenues + Stripe fees. The long term goal is to provide the services at a flat 1% fee (including payment charges).


Dokknet is currently a prototype with a beta version on the way. You can request a beta invite for your project here.


Dokknet is a forkable company. You can find forking instructions here.